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Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 40s, Land Rover Defenders, Range Rover Classics and Mercedes G-class.  Stay inspired.

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We build classic 4x4 off-road trucks that are spectacular every single time. That is not an accident. It takes thousands of hours and a fanatical zeal. Equip yourself for the journey.


430 hp V8, automatic Defender 90

This Defender is ready to rumble with a GM LS3 6.2L V8 and six-speed automatic gearbox. Wilwood disc brakes, air con, Alpine audio and soft top make this a perfect summer car. Cruise the beach in style.


1974 Range Rover Classic V8

As beautiful as it is tough, this Ardennes metallic green and black two-door classic is a perfect balance between old-school and attitude. A 3.5L V8 mated to a 5-speed manual make this truck a presence to be reckoned with.


Defender 90 surf ready soft top

Built for endless summers and driving on the beach, this surf-ready Defender 90 is the perfect machine to load the surfboard and tackle sand, salt and waves. The way life is meant to be lived.


Mercedes-Benz G-class “Wolf” soft top

Born in the military, grown up to conquer any civilian challenges thrown at it, this spectacular Legacy Overland restoration combines the toughness of its heritage with the sophistication of a connoisseur.


Toyota Land Cruiser
matte black open top

Departing from the beaten path, this Legacy Overland build is a custom-designed, aggressive build. Finished in matte black exterior with a simply spectacular interior, this Land Cruiser is a force to be reckoned with.


1973 Range Rover

Legacy Overland’s complete and authentic frame-off restoration of this early left-hand drive 1973 (Suffix B) Range Rover Classic came off the production line on August 2, 1973. This V8 powered icon, finished in Bahama Gold with saffron interior, is in a class of its own.

1980 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40

Finished in a show-stopping black-on-blue paint scheme, this 4.2L 6-cylinder gasoline powered icon can tackle the boardwalk as well as the beach drive from the Hamptons to Malibu – and any rugged terrain in between.

1979 Toyota Land Cruiser

When we set out, our main purpose was to breathe new life into a top-quality 4x4, while preserving the recognizable and enduring features of classic Land Cruisers. Rebuilt from scratch with a Desert Storm Tan paint job, this off-roader is in its element at the beach, the mountain or on the road.

1982 Toyota Land Cruiser

This convertible, Olive painted truck has received a comprehensive body-off restoration by Legacy Overland.  The countless hours of detailed and meticulous craftsmanship seamlessly blend the iconic, vintage design with modern technology, creating a one-of-a-kind vehicle.

1978 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ-45 pickup

Born to make a statement! This truck is bound to turn heads wherever it goes. Combining the classic package of a Land Cruiser with a practical long pickup bed, this comprehensive restoration merges the best of both worlds. 

1979 Toyota Land Cruiser

A Cadet Blue high-quality gloss paint with an interior that blends premium saddle stitched leather and dash pads, diamond-patterned alcantara headliner and sun visors, this iconic hard top, diesel-powered Toyota Land Cruiser is a truly special new vintage motor vehicle.

1978 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-40

Sometimes it is liberating to just go back to basics and keeping things refreshingly simple. With this build, Legacy Overland has taken a 4.2L 6-cylinder 2F gasoline engined Land Cruiser back to its unadulterated glorious past – a true chance to shed all things modern and just head out there. 

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