Where do you source your cars?

All over the world, with emphasis on the right original car to start the restoration from. To an extent the specific model dictates where we get the car (e.g., Range Rover Classics in Europe). We source a good deal of cars in Southern Europe, but also look to South America for specific models sometimes.

Where do you deliver cars to?

Typically in the US or Europe. However, we can easily arrange with you a specific delivery destination, anywhere in the world.

Can I pick up my newly restored car in Europe?

Yes, you can. Since you’re at it, why not engage in a driving experience aboard our overland classics, so you know how to make the best out of your own once you go back home? Know more here.

Where are you located?

We are headquartered in Greenwich, CT, USA where our marketing and partnerships are coordinated from. Our European office in Portugal covers global marketing, Live It client service management, logistics and management of restoration and workshops. 

Can you restore my car?

We’ll be glad to work on your own overland vehicle make it all it can be, or just to bring it back to working life again. Though buying a newly restored one from us would probably be more cost-effective. Check our latest builds here and work in progress here.

Do you organize overland driving experiences?

Yes, we do. The Live It experiences are all you need to learn how to make the best out of your new vintage overland, while enjoying the immersive Southern European views and its refined gourmet food and upscale accommodations. Did we spark your interest? Learn more about it here