Vintage, touched by modern perfection

Stealing the show, wherever it shows up, this ever so perfectly enhanced 1974 two-door Range Rover Classic is a head-turner by any standards. Featuring the iconic vertical grille and finished in Ardennes metallic green with black accents, the car is powered by a 3.5L V8 coupled with a 5-speed manual gearbox (and of course, high/lo transfer case). This Range Rover Classic has also received a select set of tasteful and selective additions to give it just that perfect look, including LED headlamps, Pioneer Bluetooth-enabled stereo, and air conditioning.

To give it just a little bit more of a look, the suspension has been raised, and a skid plate has been mounted in the front (protecting the steering linkage). Instead of the usual steel finish, the car features glossy black painted Rostyle wheels with BFG All/Terrain tires.

The interior has been completely redone in a classic Range Rover Palomino color palette, with beige seats and carpets. The carpets are finished with a green edge trim to match the paint green of the car, tying together form and function beautifully.

A street fighter

While a true Range Rover Classic, it came to Legacy Overland as nit of a street dog. But you know what they say? Mutts are the strongest. The frame is a Suffix B model (1973), the body from a 1983 donor car, the engine a 1983-85 model, the 5-speed from late 1980s — and it has a 1974 registration. The vehicle is truly a best of breed and one-of-a-kind!

This is the vehicle for the driver that wants a stunning, classic looker. The vehicle was built and restored to be driven. Street dogs don’t do well fenced in inside garages…

(Some photos on this page are courtesy of \Richard Faussette)

Some of the highlights include:

  • Rover 3.5L V8 with twin SU carburetors

  • 5-speed manual gearbox

  • Hi/Lo transfer case

  • Disc brakes front and rear

  • Power steering

  • 16” Rostyle wheels in glossy black

  • BFG All/Terrain KO2 265/75x16” tires

  • Spare tire in trunk with cover

  • 4” lift rear, 3” front

  • Tectyl covered under carriage for corrosion protection

  • Steel braided brake hoses

  • Air conditioning (factory set-up)

  • Speedo in miles per hour

  • Pioneer Bluetooth enabled media receiver

  • Four speakers (front doors and rear roof)

  • Hand crafted seat upholstery with green piping

  • Hand crafted floor mats with green edge trim

  • Leather wrapped steering wheel

  • Light bar with four lamps over windshield

  • Three-point seatbelts front and rear

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