It’s time to build your own Defender!

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Classic trucks never really went out of style. That’s especially true for Land Rover Defenders. With an over-three-decade-long production cycle, the iconic off-roader attests reliability and endurance are timeless values that keep drivers coming back. The Defender consensual appeal stems from its unlikely, yet perfectly-accomplished, balance of style and substance. A boxy fusion of immaculate engineering and design simplicity, the ageless model has earned Land Rover a privileged spot among the greatest 4x4 manufacturers of all time. If you see one, you immediately recognize it, thanks to its square shape and front grille.

No wonder today, more than 30 years later, the Defender myth is more alive than ever, with its reputation growing stronger in the hearts of car lovers and petrol heads across the universe. That’s also why this indestructible rig is a safe bet regardless of your purpose. It’s the perfect partner in crime, fitting every conceivable plan, from the wildest to the most ordinary. Venturing deep into the sandy and windy desert? Check. Beach party with friends? Check. Last-minute trip to the mall? Check. The world is a jungle and the Defender is ready for it, be it literal or metaphoric.

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Do you need any other reason to build your own Defender with Legacy Overland? Be it the 90 or 110 model, our Defenders are in a class of their own. These builds are unique creations that have a street presence to be reckoned with.

Here's a little something to drool over:

  • Meticulous frame-off rebuilds
  • V8 engines made to burble and snarl
  • Enhanced body panels and design
  • Astonishing, one-of-a-kind interiors
  • Creature comforts as expected

If you are as fond of timeless engineering and style as we are, you’ve found your perfect off-roading complicit!

Did we tempt you? We'll be glad to tell you more. Reach out!