Free up space in the garage: a new rebuilt Land Cruiser is here!

Along the years much has been said about the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser. But the fact that it sold over one million units and it’s still around long after production ended, in the mid-80s, speaks for itself.

After being used for over two decades in off-roading family trips in the rugged highlands of southern Europe, this 1982 custom-built convertible Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40 was longing for a new adventure. Its legacy of reliable and robust service was resumed and perfected by us - and soon, by you!

The truck was well preserved by its devoted family, so it was in good condition. We spent hours assessing what we could keep and what we should throw out.

In typical Legacy Overland fashion, we dove into another full and in-depth frame-off restoration. Thousands of hours of detailed craftsmanship later, this new classic motor finally shows that bringing vintage design to the current days is a perfect recipe.

So, do you want to go to rough grounds? You should, that’s what off-roaders are for. Take the previous owner’s word for it: “from rocky mountains to marshy lands, this robust Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40 never let me down during my incursions”.

Love at first sight, isn't it? Check the full details here.