Land Rover lovers, unite: the Defender is coming back in 2019!

People can’t seem to get enough of the legendary Land Rover Defender. After being developed from the Land Rover Series, which came out in 1948, the last Defender was fabricated in Solihull, England, in 2016. Allegedly, the classic overland didn’t comply with safety and environmental regulations, which drew its over-thirty-year-old production cycle to an end. But not for long. The British car manufacturer has decided to roll out a new Defender model, expected to be unveiled in 2019.

According to MetalMiner, the new off-roaders will most likely be built in Land Rover’s Slovakian facilities, where the old steel chassis will be replaced by a new aluminum frame construction. Several models will be made available, ranging from basic to luxurious. An upgraded Defender version is even planned to compete against the Mercedes-AMG G63 in the Chinese and Russian markets.

Even though nostalgia may play a key role in the return of the cherished utility vehicle, the competition’s roaring sales, since the Defender ended production, are credited with being a major incentive. After all, if the SUV segment is still blooming, why not catch the wave?

A new Defender may be in the making but that didn’t stop more devoted fans from showing off their own revamped versions in the meantime. Kahn Design, one of Europe's leading automotive fashion houses, devised a unique Defender model, appropriately called “The End”. Presented at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the special edition is limited to 25 units and comes in a French Racing Blue color, so it can stand out among its older brothers.

Why work on old cars when new and better ones can be made? Because technology isn’t everything. Reliability, reputation and scarcity are values that stand the test of time and keep people coming back to Land Rover Defenders. Despite safety and environmental issues, the Defender is still regarded as a colossal 4x4 that can tame any rugged terrain. It’s thus unsurprising that, throughout almost seven decades, it has earned the love and loyalty of millions of drivers. Besides, production of Defenders stopped in the USA in 1997, which means the return of the iconic model will have greater significance to American fans.

We too are open enthusiasts of the distinct Defender and we keep the fondest memories of it. That’s why we’re currently working on two of them. Did they spark your interest? Why not talk to us so we can introduce you? At Legacy Overland, we’ll be glad to help you create memories that last forever!


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Top image courtesy of Land Rover

Land Rover Defender "The End" image courtesy of Khan Design